List Of The Workout Routines For Inside The Gym

The gym is a place for everyone to visit, most especially when you feel bloated, stressed and depressed about how you look and feel. This is the very place where you could be able to beat all those fat and kick that depression to live the way you always wanted when you reach the goal you always wanted. Now, you will be able to know the different kinds of workouts you will be able to have inside the gym. For everybody to understand it fully, the workout will be categorized by male and female so that future failure will be prevented. We are going through exercises that you can do in the gym or at school.

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Workout For Women

Women always wanted that lean, slender and thin body without the cellulite and the love bellies, which only workout could give more than adequate running or proper diet. The toned body will be achievable with weight lifting. You may probably think that you will get that bulky and abnormal muscles for girls, and you are thinking it the wrong way. Women do not have those hormones the same as men, which makes them bulky and masculine, so the effect of weight lifting to women is just right to get their body toned.

The weight Training for women with cardio

This is the workout for women who wants their body to get the toned muscles and the flushing out of body fats.

Female workout is composed of a five day training; this is to start with a four days weight training, and the single training will be composed of a cardio session. Next, is a one day steady state cardio exercise plus the single after workout cardio exercise, and then 2 days will serve as your rest days.

Training with Heavy or Moderate weights for toning

Lifting with moderate to heavy weights will give you that toned muscles you wish to have. For your information, toning is a term used for less body fats or burning more fats that are stuck on your muscles, so this is more of a nutritional term more than the physical only.


Fitness Woman Running on a Track


Examples of Workout Programs Daily for Women

Mondays: Workout for Butts and Legs                                         

  • wide stance barbell squat
  • stationary Lunges
  • lying leg curl
  • glutes kickback

Tuesday’s: Workout for Back and Biceps

  • Warm Up Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown
  • Wide Grip assisted Pullup machine
  • Seated cable rows
  • Hyper extensions
  • Cable curls

Wednesday’s: Cardio and Abs

  • Warm up bicycle Crunches
  • Crunches
  • Hanging Leg raises
  • Treadmill

Thursday: Triceps, Chest, and Shoulders

  • warm up bench press
  • push ups
  • standing barbell shoulder press
  • side lateral raise
  • standing dumbbell triceps

Friday: Cardio, Calves and Butt

  • Barbell Glute Bridges
  • Stiff legged Dumbbell Deadlift
  • Glutes Kickback
  • warm up standing calf raises
  • standing calf raises
  • calf press on leg press
  • treadmill

Now, it would be up to you to adjust the schedule that you have and the gym instructors will be the ones to assist you with the rest.

Workout For Men

Now, let us focus on men’s workout routines that are available for them offered inside the gym. We all know that men are having their own needs and want their own body, own build and will have their very own reaction to the different work out they are doing. Men love those bulky and manly chest and arms that are now found to be the best way to attract women and with any reasons they have, here are the list of the different types of workouts they may have during a gym session.

Deadlift – This is known to be the king of all types of exercises, the deadlift is the best tester of a man’s body strength for this is hitting hard most of the major muscles. This kind of exercise is said to be provoking more of the testosterone of a man because of the more muscles that are involved as they do it.

Back Squat – this is working the way as the deadlift works which is to target major muscles of the man’s body. This kind of men exercise is giving their legs the full strength and power most especially when they do physical sports.

Bench Press – This is the exercise which is responsible of those huge triceps of men, broad shoulders, and pecs that are very defined which are giving them such presence that is so commanding.

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift – This is considered as one of the most important lower back exercise for the health benefits this may give inclusive the butts and the legs that this kind of exercise is capable of toning them into the right shapes. This will take away all the back pains that you are experiencing in such a long days of work in the office for your hamstrings now are stronger.

The Kettlebell Swing – this may seem look like squatting but this is not squatting at all. This is all about the conditioning of glutes and hips, and when this kid of exercise is executed properly, this is something that would really benefit your physique. See this exercise performed here.

Suspended Pushups – Pushup is helping to activate fibers inside the body. This may also give more of benefits to the health of your shoulders and the strength of your arms. Compared to the regular pushups, these suspensions will provoke your body to exert more efforts so more muscles are to be used.

Pull-ups – This workout will help you achieve that wide back and shoulders, enhancing your muscles with more releases of testosterone even just doing the traditional ways of it.

Medicine ball slam –  This exercise in one of the many ways to get those abs. this workout is slamming out the gorges that are found in the mid section of the body. This is making your abs look like more of a street map. This is also a good maintenance work out.

Swiss Ball Roll out- this will help you unleash that six pack of yours. As you are able to roll out of that ball, your abs are putting in increase tension and by the use of this workout, you will be able to carve those well defined abs.

6 Tips Before Going to Fitness Gyms


There are various things you should prepare before going to do your fitness work-out. It is important to do preparations especially for beginners and those who are experiencing health problems which needs further attention. They have to prepare from the beginning of the process until they reach their goal of being fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

Gym Equipment – Making sure the equipment you are using is safe and secure by high standards is very important as safety always comes first. It is always good to know if the equipment you are using is new or refurbished. You often cant notice the difference. See Physique Sports Refurbished Gym Equipment for a run down on how they should be refurbished to a top standard.

Get registered in fitness gyms – if you want to work-out inside a fitness gym then you might want to register your name in that specific establishment. It is important to bring identification and give them your right personal information to avoid conflicts. Go for the gyms that can provide what you need by asking their facilities, the freebies you can get from joining and of course you need to consider your budget.

Claim your identification – after you do the searching for the perfect gym and get registered, maybe its time to get your identification and be part of something big. It is just the beginning so start preparing your body for work-outs and some muscles pain which is normal for beginners.

gym-instructorAsk for trainers especially for beginners – if you are new to do work-outs in gym then you might want to consider ask a trainer. But some gyms establishments normally provide trainers for beginners and they give service at least for 3 to 5 days until you know how to use the equipment that you can use inside fitness gyms. But you don’t have to be afraid or feel worried in using that equipment because there are people who are ready to assist you any time.

Do online research for further instructions that will help you in specific improvements – if you want to know more about fitness gym equipment and what more you can enjoy inside. Then you might want to go for an online research and see what you can get out from using gym equipment. There are fun tips that will make you enjoy fitness gym work-outs. It will add spice especially when you get bored of doing it or you need a bit of encouragement for your exercise.

Prepare your things ahead of time – you should know what to prepare for your fitness workout and this is important especially for new to fitness out there. They have to prepare their clothes to wear, extra clothes after workout, bottle of water to keep you hydrated and many more. There are different things that you can use in work-outs and being prepared in what to bring is really important.

Keep hydrated – you should keep your body hydrated by bringing a bottle of water anywhere you go especially in doing work-outs where you will sweat more than the usual. You need to keep your body pumping and refuel it with clean water.

If you are one of the people who want to live a healthy life while busy with their daily work. Then give some time to spend it inside a fitness gym and keep your health prioritized. This will help you live longer and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Things You Should Prepare Before Go For Fitness / Health

P423285-1-1_stowable-fitness-gearInterested of doing fitness to start your healthy lifestyle? Then you might need a bit of information in what to prepare before doing it. Here are the following things you should prepare to avoid problems in the future. It would be easier for beginners to do fitness without worries when they know what to prepare before going to do their first fitness.

Comfortable clothes and shoes to wear – you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to prevent the feeling of being annoyed or hurt. You can always choose the clothes that are comfortable to use for longer hours and even if you are sweating too much. You will not be able to focus on doing your thing if you feel disturbed, which means you also need to wear it properly too.

Bottle to keep you hydrated – always bring a bottle of water to avoid dehydration that may cause unhealthy result. Get it inside your storage bag and keep it full for future use. But you also need to keep your body hydrated before you go anywhere else.

Things you will need after workouts – prepare the important things you will need in doing workouts like towel, extra shirt or any. You can store it in your storage and never forget to bring the things that you will need. It would be best for beginners to make a list of what they well need and prepare it before work out.

Gym-Bag1Storage for your things – you should bring your important things in a storage bag but make sure that you are going to get it all with a durable and some side pockets for your important things. You can choose your bag with shoes, water, side pockets for gadgets, clean storage for your clothes and more. You should store the things that you will need ahead of time to avoid disappointments like you forgot to bring your shorts or bottle of water, which is really important in doing exercise. If you want to avoid disappointment? Then get your backpack ready and suit yourself with comfortable clothes.

Gadgets to help you track your health – You can use different equipment and gadgets that can help you track your health, as long as it gives physical improvement to your body and you are enjoying it then why not go for it? Wherever fitness gym you want to go for physical fitness, it is important to keep on track with your health especially for those who are suffering from health problems. They have to get their health on track by using gadgets that are helpful in giving information about their health. Well thanks to technology, they don’t have to worry in doing work-outs anytime and anywhere. But it would be best to ask your personal doctor before going to gyms for your safety.

You can choose whatever things you want to bring as long as it keeps you pumping up with your fitness. But you don’t have to bring as much as possible, just bring exactly what you needed because you are not going for camping but for a healthy exercise.

Why You Should Start Doing Fitness / Health    


People have their ways in doing fitness and use some equipment that will help them enjoy of what they do just to stay fit. You can get through online training or go to fitness gyms and ask your trainer the right way of doing it. But whatever you choose as long as it is for your health, then you still doing the right way.

To live with a healthy body and mind – if you are going to live a healthy lifestyle from doing fitness work-outs or go for some random exercise. Then you will get yourself a healthy body and mind. You don’t have to be afraid of anything that is caused by old age and get aware with the situation that you are into. It improves not just your body but also your mental mind, where you can think well and be aware with the specific situation.

Be physically fit – people love to do exercise because they want to stay fit and be proud of their physical body. If they can reach that point of having a fit body, then they have the opportunity to stay on that perfect body but it needs more determination and courage to do it every single day. You will not be able to get on that stage when you are not serious enough to do fitness and reaching your goal. Sometimes people do fitness because of the reason that they want their body to be sexy or fit. But it does not actually just end there, they can get do and get more of the benefits than just having a fit body.

Slider-1Confident in wherever you go and whatever you do – having a fit body will make you feel confident. It simply means that you are not afraid of showing your body to anyone at any time. You don’t have to hide your fat belly, double chin or what because you can show them that you have the guts. It can boost your confidence and experience the feeling of being admired by people. If you want that to happen? Then why not start doing fitness to reach your goal of having a fit body and keep your health up.

Prevent yourself from having illness – you don’t have to feel any illness or experience it when you are living in a healthy lifestyle. More and more people are doing fitness to prevent any sickness that comes from aging and the food they eat. It is a natural way of preventing yourself from diseases than taking medicines to solve the problem, so start preventing too, live a healthy and longer life.

You can always choose the things that you want to do, but you should add extra determination and courage to do those things if you want to reach your goal. It will not be easy, especially for beginners who want to do their start up and eager to see the result right away. It takes some time before you can actually see your body fit so be persistent and patient until you reach the goal.


4 Benefits of Fitness / Health

woman lifting free weights

Wondering for the benefits in doing workouts or fitness exercise? Well you are just right on track because these are the following benefits you will get from doing fitness or physical exercise. You can enjoy your health benefits and have a fit or sexy body at the same time. What can you ask for when you have a fit and healthy body? But it does not just end there. Plan your fitness days and be persistent with your goal.

  1. You get a healthy body and feel free from disease – when you do physical fitness, you will get your health back on track. You don’t have to worry from any disease that normally comes in people who have higher age. But you can always prevent bad things to happen when you do prepare and do something about it. You can go for fitness gyms and do your regular work-out. Also you will get your body fit and be confident because you don’t have to hide anything at all. Take note that the effect of doing exercise is not going to be seen right away, it takes time before you can get your goal of being healthy and stay fit at the same time.
  2. Weight loss – you can always lose your weight by doing fitness exercises, though it takes time and you need to be determined enough if you want to see yourself get a fit body. Results do not just come easily but if you do try and be persistent of what you do, then you will probably gain muscles and lose your weight.
  3. fitness-habits-02Depression and stress days are over – fitness also takes away your depression and stress that you get day by day. It may be from work, home, school or maybe the people around you. But you can reduce the risk of having or feeling it when you do fitness. Simply because your mind is going to focus on other things, get your body healthy, prevents disease and more. Well, you would never feel depression when you know you are living a healthy life and say no to stress.
  4. Get energized and feel young – doing exercise will make you feel energized the whole day because you are getting those calories burned. If you feel the energy, then you will feel the youthful look and actions. Many women want to stay fit and do work-out in fitness gyms but they did not know what more they can get from it. They can be healthy, keep their body fit and prevent sickness to come in your life.

You can always choose to live healthy as long as you want to. But for those who are curious and not that eager enough, then you might need to do more convincing because it does not just happen like magic. It takes effort to do workouts daily, courage to do it without feeling embarrassed even if you have that big belly, determination to reach your goal of living healthy and staying fit.